3 Boat Insurance Tips You Should Know

So you have just invested in a great boat for fun times on the water but now you need insurance. If you are a first time boat owner, you may be unsure about which types of boat insurance you need. By following every boat insurance tip offered by your insurance agent, you will be well on your way towards getting just the right amount of coverage at competitive prices.

Tip # 1 – Learn the value of your boat

If you have purchased an older boat, you and your insurance company can agree to the value of the boat beforehand. This means that no matter how much your boat continues to depreciate, if it is damaged, you will get the value that was agreed upon before you began your policy. If you choose the other option of market value, then if your boat becomes damaged you will get whatever the boat is worth at the time that the damage has taken place. Being aware of this boat insurance tip will be very helpful as you get the coverage amount that you need.

Tip #2 – Find out if your boat is covered even when not in the water

You may keep your boat in a storage center while you are not using it or you may keep it at the docks if you are in the middle of boat season. However you may be wondering if your boat is even fully covered when it’s not in the water. This boat insurance tip will help you to learn how to properly insure your boat so that it is always protected. Your boat may become damaged as you are transporting it via a trailer while you are on the road. In this instance you will want to find out whether your auto insurance will cover it if it gets damaged. However by enacting an umbrella policy you can have peace of mind at all times about the coverage on your boat.

Tip # 3 – Learn the navigational limits of your boat insurance policy

It is important to learn the navigational limits imposed by your boat insurer. Some novice boaters may mistakenly believe that they can boat anywhere and still be covered. However this is actually an erroneous concept. There are specific areas that your boat insurance will stretch to and it is important to learn these navigational limits ahead of time.

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