5 Buying Tips Before You Shell Out Cash for a Used Boat

by | May 10, 2018 | Business

Being a boater can be a lot of fun. Not sure how to buy your first boat, though? We have you covered with this handy list of tips.

Check for damage

Start with the hull. That’s a good place to check for cracks and wear. While a few scratches or cracks are normal and not a cause for concern, if the scratches or cracks are concentrated on one area, that could be impact damage. If there are no accidents in the boat’s records, you may not be getting the whole picture. Buy elsewhere.

Consider repair cost

Scouting through pre-owned options helps you save on costs. But before you shell out money for one, make sure you determine the extent of the damage. Get a professional to inspect the boat and find out how much the repairs will cost. That’s one way to shop for used boats at a dealer in New Orleans.

Test the oil

Is the engine oil gritty between your fingers? That means it’s filled with contaminants and dirt. Getting an oil change is an easy fix. However, poor engine oil could also be a sign of serious engine wear, the Cottage Life says. That should be enough to make you reconsider and move on to the next on your list.

Try the electronics

While you can certainly upgrade to newer electronics, it’s prudent to check if the wiring system works. If multiple devices fail to work, you could be dealing with faulty wiring or a bad battery. Check the wires. If the insulation has melted off, that’s a sign of engine overheating. You may want to move on to the next boat in the inventory.

Pick a good dealer

When you check out used boats at a shop in New Orleans, look for a dealer with an excellent reputation. A record of trustworthiness and service are good reasons to pick a dealer.

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