6 Practical Ways to Grow Your Worship Team

by | Jan 17, 2019 | Furniture

You may be wracking your head for ways to grow your worship team. Here are practical ideas that work.

Know your audience

First off, decide which audience you want. Are you trying to appeal to more youth members? Knowing who your audience is giving you an excellent place to start.

Be yourself

If you’ve been invited to lead worship, it’s probably going to be because of who you are. That means you shouldn’t try hard to be someone else. Just be yourself. People, even young people, can spot a disingenuous person, ELIM says.

Have better seats

People will stay longer if they’re comfortable. That’s why shopping for new chairs and pews and benches are a must. If yours is already old and not at all conducive to sitting for long periods then that could be a factor as to why you’ve got a small group. Provide them with better, much more comfortable chairs or pews instead.

Do your homework

Don’t just hare off to buy pews and chairs. Do a bit of homework. Find out which worship seating manufacturers have an excellent reputation in the field. Check out their prices and options. That’s going to help you get started on buying better furniture for your worship group.

Read through everything

Be clear on the terms and conditions of the manufacturer or shop before you shell out money for new chairs or pews. When will they deliver the furniture? Is there any warranty? Are there discounts? Find out.

Read reviews

One way to know more about the worship seating manufacturers on your list is to check out reviews about the company and its products. What details stand out from the comments? Are people happy with the firm’s customer service or not? With better furniture, you can encourage more youth members to join and participate in your worship sessions.

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