How Local SEO In Atlanta Helps Startup Companies

How Local SEO In Atlanta Helps Startup Companies

One of the most common challenges for any Atlanta startup company, particularly with regards to online marketing and sales, is how to get noticed by customers. While the web offers a global marketplace, many startup companies are interested in developing a solid local customer base before looking and expansion to regional, national or even international markets.

The use of local SEO is a great place for a startup business to focus their efforts. SEO companies can customize marketing campaigns, including website content and social media marketing programs, to attract your local target audience and to begin to build your online brand and reputation.

There are several ways that local SEO, or marketing with a focus on your geographic area, can be integrated into your plans and goals for a current campaign as well as future campaigns and marketing efforts by any startup business.

Immediate Results

For both online and brick and mortar businesses and services, using local SEO means that customers completing a search on a mobile device or on their computer see companies in the area listed first. This is the “near me” or “nearby” technology that is so important in mobile searches.

Strategically designing the use of geographic locations and keywords in your SMM and SEO website marketing is essential to make sure your business is shown in the top few entries for your key search terms.

Maps and Directions

Another benefit to an SEO focus for a local startup is the ease of getting directions for your customers. The results can be structured to have simply buttons by the results to map their location and directions to your door, make a phone call to your business by pressing a button or going directly to your website for more information.

The easier it is for people to search for and physically locate your new Atlanta business, the faster your customer base can grow.