Beach Bags for Women

by | Oct 17, 2018 | Beach Clothing Store

Beach bags are the perfect accessory for a day at the beach. Not only are they practical and functional, but they are stylish too! Designer beach totes are perfect for carrying all your beach essentials.

Sonny Goddess has a stylish line of designer beach totes and gorgeous beach jewelry. Beach jewelry makes the perfect accessories for your beachwear.

During your beach vacations, you may not have the time to run back and forth from the hotel to the beach for little things. This is when designer beach totes come in handy. The larger ones usually have compartments for little things like sunglasses, sunscreen, and face cream and the removable straps for your bikini – so everything inside will be convenient to sort and easy to find. The larger totes have plenty of space for your towel, cover-ups and other things you may need. There are even bags designed specifically to match your swim-wear!

Smaller designer beach totes are perfect if you have a house or condo right on the beach. These gorgeous little beach totes have great features such as an inside divider so you can put your book or headphones on one side and your towel on the other, a cell-phone holder and even a hidden key holder. They too come in many designs and are made of many different materials. They are perfect to match your swim-wear.

Designer beach totes with extra large outside pockets are designed to be the most useful bags you will ever own. They are often made of durable material that lasts for many seasons. They are designed especially to be mildew proof, fade proof, washable and stain resistant.

Designer beach totes are a popular item during the summer. Shop Sunny Goddess today to find a designer beach tote that is best for your summer!

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