The World’s Greatest Charity is the Modern Catholic Church

It’s a well-known fact that Catholic churches perform acts of service and charity in their communities. Since the dawn of time, religious leaders and their followers have done this as a way to win supporters to the faith, as well as part of their calling to serve others as a showing of love. But just how big is the impact that the Catholic church has in the modern world? You might be surprised.

A Tradition of Provision

The job of the church as a provider for the people goes back to the first days of the Catholic religion and beyond. People have been relying on the leadership of the Catholic church to meet their basic needs when they are unable to since long before Christ is believed to have walked the earth.

The first hospitals, medical practices, counseling services, food banks and charities in the Western world were part of initiatives by the Catholic church, and indeed these things are still important to the modern church as a whole. Over half of the hospitals and clinics in operation in the world today are owned and operated by the Catholic church, many of which offer free or reduced-cost services to those in need.

Making Modern Life More Livable

The giving of the Catholic church is well documented in centuries prior, but what about right now? How is this ancient establishment making things better in the modern day? The answer is: meeting needs as they arise.

Like most religions, the face of Catholicism has changed over time to reflect the people and situations that make up its congregations. In doing so, today’s Catholic churches have adapted ministries and outreach programs that provide solutions to modern-day issues like teen homelessness, counseling for drug addicts and those struggling with Internet-based addictions and more. Providing shelter, services, and support to everyone from weary political protestors to survivors of natural disasters, today’s Catholic churches are truly going above and beyond to help those in need.