Most Important Items Needed for Summer Camp

by | Jul 9, 2020 | Labels

Sending your children to camp can be exciting but also a bit worrisome. You want them to have everything they need but not overload them with too much baggage. The best way to handle this is by knowing what will help them the most. Here are the most important items you should include for their camping trip.


You know hard it is to keep your child organized at home, so you can imagine how messy their belongings will be when they are away. All their stuff can easily get mixed up with the kids around them. To help them keep track of what they have, use camp labels stick on for every item. This, along with a laundry bag, will help to bring back their underwear and no one else’s.

Sleeping bag

Although children enjoy late-night talks and games with friends, there will come a moment when they need to rest up for the next day ahead. With a cushy sleeping bag, they can rest peacefully and stay warm if the night is cold. Be sure to add your camp labels stick on so they can keep up with their bag.

Extra underwear and socks

What of the parts of camp that makes it fun is that there are activities throughout the entire day. Instead of just thinking about their need for a daily outfit, also consider what can happen along the way. A water fight or unexpected slip into a muddle puddle may require a change of clothes and undergarments.

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