Why Do You Need Kids’ Clothing Labels?

You’ve likely had to write your child’s name on shirts, shorts, and socks. While this might be effective, the strategy simply doesn’t work in some situations. With personalized kids' clothing labels, you can guarantee your kids won’t lose their clothing again. Here...

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Importance of Clothing Labels

You can be creative when designing a personalized label. Clothing labels can go beyond identifying lost items. If you make hand-crafted items, you can use them to identify your handiwork. Here are some of the ways you can use them. Thoughtful Gifts If you enjoy making...

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Tips for How to Label Clothes for Camp

When sending kids to camp, parents worry about whether they will return with all their personal items. No parent wants to replace even part of a wardrobe left behind at summer camp. Knowing how to label clothes for camp may not ensure every item makes it home, but it...

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Key Features of Quality Kids’ Clothing Labels

By applying kids ' clothing labels, you can reduce your child's risk of losing clothing and other essential items. However, not all clothing labels are created equal. You must find high-quality, durable options that stand the test of time and last longer than it takes...

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Order Custom Kids’ Clothing Labels

It’s frustrating for parents to send their children to camp or school only to find they return without several of their clothing items. While you can’t do much about making sure your child packs all their clothing to come back home, you can help mitigate problems with...

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