Pre Marriage Counseling: Set Your Marriage Up for Success

by | May 9, 2016 | Business

Are you engaged to be married? Congratulations! You’re at the start of one of the greatest adventures life has to offer. While you’re in the middle of planning your wedding and making sure you do everything you can to make your big day perfect, consider planning for your marriage as well. Nearly every person in a long and happy marriage will tell you that making a marriage successful takes some work. It’s not just about getting to the altar and then magically living happily ever after. Having a happy marriage is about so much more than luck, or even falling in love. But the great news is that if you are willing to do a little planning, you can set up your marriage to be a fantastic, loving, happy, lifelong success!

How to Plan for a Happy Marriage

You know about all the planning you have to do for your wedding day. You must choose the venue, the ceremony, the dress, the colors, the cake, and the music. And all that planning is just for a single day! Many couples don’t think about planning for the days following the wedding, but preparing for your lifelong marriage is vital. You can see the results of planning for a wedding and how it makes the whole day go off beautifully and without a hitch. Imagine how happy and healthy your whole marriage could be if you and your spouse committed to the same level of pre-planning.

One of the best ways to prepare for a happy, healthy marriage is to invest in pre marriage counseling. This may seem like an unnecessary amount of additional work, but nothing could be further from the truth. Counseling isn’t just for people going through a hard time. Premarital counseling helps you and your partner learn how to interact respectfully, give generously, and fight fairly. These are the basic keys to a loving, mutually satisfying relationship, and premarital counseling is all about giving you practical tips and ways to live out these loving ideals.

Keeping Your Marriage Healthy

Keeping your marriage happy and healthy does involve some work, but it is not the horrible drudgery so often portrayed in movies. It’s really about becoming a better version of yourself, which enables you to be a better spouse. Pre marriage counseling helps you enter your marriage with realistic expectations of yourself and your spouse. It also gives you keys to improve your relationship right from the start.

A happy marriage is built on dedicated love and on choosing to be generous to your spouse. If you and your partner commit to giving your marriage the care it deserves, you will both benefit from a long and happy relationship. You will be that couple all the newlyweds come to for advice on how to have such a wonderful marriage!

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