What Are Lubricating Oil Additives?

by | Apr 18, 2023 | Business

Lubricants are important to many industries that rely upon heavy-duty machinery to produce components, parts, and products for use or sale. These industries include the automotive, manufacturing, and medical industries. Many other industries and consumers depend upon these parts and products to produce goods utilized by companis and consumers; without the basic components and parts produced by these machines, these industries cannot function and produce for society. Therefore, it is vital these machines remain in good operation. Lubricating oil additives help to ensure these machines remain in good condition while performing their critical functions; learn more about these lubricating oil additives below.

Lubricating Oil Additives: What Are They?

These additives can be organic or inorganic compounds that are either suspended or dissolved as solids in oil. They are added to lubricants for one or more of three main purposes:

– Boost the capabilities of the lubricant’s natural properties: These often include corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants, demulsifying agents, and anti-foam agents.

– Suppress the negative effects of the lubricant’s natural properties: Some lubricants raise the temperature effect on viscosity, which the additive will prevent, since this can cause more stress to the machinery.

– Add new capabilities to the lubricant’s natural properties: Such additions can include detergents, extreme pressure additives, tackiness agents, and metal deactivators.

Why Are These Additives Important?

These additives are important because they enhance the lubricant’s ability to keep vital machinery functioning for longer without breaking down or producing sub-standard components and parts. Such sub-standard production or extended breakdowns can negatively impact many industries that rely on such parts and components for their own products and services, which often serve many companies and industries. Keeping the machinery running at optimal efficiency is vital for life today as we know it.

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