2 Reasons Why Personalized Mugs Make for a Great Corporate Gift

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Business

No one wants to have their employees’ presents re-gifted. So if you want to make sure you don’t end up with a reputation as a lousy gift-giver, then start giving out presents that show thought and care for your team. One excellent choice for a gift is a mug. It’s functional and yet provides you with a ton of personalization and custom services to choose from.

Build your brand

Because of those qualities—useful and easy to customize—mugs are one of the best things you can use to build your brand. You can provide prospective clients with engraved mugs that come with your company’s logo, says the Examiner. It’s a subtle way of marketing your business, of keeping it alive and present in your client’s minds, all without the need to bombard them with promotional emails every single day. And because it’s subtle, it’s less likely to annoy or drive your clients away.

Create team camaraderie

Nothing inspires team camaraderie more than giving your employees personalized mugs. For some, being a part of something is a point of pride. And if your employees are happy and satisfied with the management as well as with the work they do, then they’re sure to be happy when they get to own their own etched mugs as well. You could give out mugs in different colors to different teams to help build a sense of belongingness to their teams. With personalized mugs, you not only provide your employees with a handy drinking vessel, you also succeed in making them feel special.

So if you want to market your company to potential clients, show your appreciation for long-time customers or build up teamwork and camaraderie in your team, then going for custom-made mugs is one way to make that happen. With personalized mugs, you can reach out in a genuine and sincere way to your market or employees.

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