4 Factors In Choosing Magazine Printing Companies

There are several factors for any company, business, organization, or group to consider when planning to add a magazine to their marketing and advertising efforts. Magazines need to be eye-catching and engaging, and they need to offer both high quality visual components as well as a layout that highlights the key messages and keeps readers turning pages to see and learn more.

Unfortunately, most printers are not magazine printing companies, although they list magazine printing as part of their service options. The actual printing of the paper is only one small part of what specialized, experienced magazine printing companies provide to their customers.

To ensure you select the best of the magazine printing companies for your project, be sure to do your research on the printer and choose wisely for maximum impact with your first publication.

Past Projects and Printing Focus

Reviewing the website of any printing company can provide a great deal of insight into their typical printing job. Printers that specialize in magazines, catalogs, and other similar types of publications will have samples of these projects prominently displayed and available for review.

Know Your Requirements

There may be a range of different needs for your publication, and these should be clearly identified and verified before choosing a printer. Some magazines may require formatting reviews or changes to the layout to create a specific visual impact. The magazine printer should be able to provide assistance in these areas as part of the services offered.

Consider a Wider Geographic Range

Some customers mistakenly believe that magazine printers must be in their geographic location. While this used to be a factor, with today’s ability to transmit files and approve copy electronically, it is no longer a concern or a necessity.

Choose Your Printer to Suit Your Publication Size

Magazine printers typically focus on very high volume production or those magazines that fall into the small to mid-range for production size. By matching your magazine volume orders with the types of printing equipment the printer offers, the quality is better, the prices are more competitive, and the turnaround times are incredibly reliable.