4 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Fridge Water Filters

4 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Fridge Water Filters

You might be making mistakes with your water filters. To make sure your water is always safe to drink, here’s a list of pitfalls to avoid:

Using filters beyond 6 months

Refrigerator water filters often need to be replaced every six months or so, says the Untrained Housewife. Failure to do so could lead to the strong presence of contaminants in your water. That’s the last thing you want to happen so don’t overuse your filters. Once you’ve reached the six-month time-frame, shop for replacements right away.

Forgetting about the replacement

If you already know your water filters are only good for six months or so and you’re the type who’s likely to forget that until you start finding sediments in your water, then it’s a good idea to pencil this into your schedule. Better yet, make up a home maintenance schedule to monitor and keep track of information like this. That way, whether you’re replacing your water filters or need to call in a contractor to replace your AC filters, you’ll always know when it’s time to do so.

Ignoring that indicator light

Plenty of new fridges come with an indicator light that tells homeowners when it’s time to replace their Refrigerator water filters. Some of these indicator lights are linked to the actual status of your water filter while some can be programmed with a simple timer. Regardless of whatever type you have, once that light turns on, you’ll know enough to look for replacement filters right away.

Buying cheap

Cheap water filters aren’t saving you bucks. You’ll only end up with faulty filters that much sooner. Invest in high quality options. They cost a bit more but you can count on them to last. That means less hassle in finding replacements much too soon and less replacement costs in the long run.