5 Steps to Renting Office Equipment

5 Steps to Renting Office Equipment

Many businesses today, especially young companies and startups, are renting rather than buying office equipment. Rapidly changing technologies mean that a company would have to upgrade to new equipment every few months. To save on those costs, companies are resorting to leasing select office equipment instead, from companies like Automated Office Systems. It’s cost-effective, and it also allows them greater flexibility in how to allocate company funds.

Leasing Process
According to the Business Daily, you can expect to go through the following steps if you need to borrow funds to rent office equipment:

Step 1: Finish filling out the equipment-lease application
Have your financial data and documents ready. You might need this, especially if you’re going to take out a loan to finance the lease.

Step 2: The leasing company will then proceed to process your application
Review application details to know how long it will take. You can also ask them for a probable date of when they’d have the result and inform you.

Step 3: If all goes well and your application is approved, review the lease document again
Review the conditions and terms to be sure that you fully accept them. If there’s anything you don’t understand or that comes across as a little vague, don’t hesitate to call up the leasing company and ask for a clarification. Never sign anything until you’re sure about every word on the document. You don’t want any legal loopholes to trip you up later on, don’t you?

Step 4: When everything is in order, sign the documents
Send them over to the leasing company. In turn, the leasing company will accept your signed documents, along with your first payment. Soon after, expect to be notified that the lease is now fully in effect and that you can look forward to the delivery of the equipment any time soon. TIP: Manufacturers often include a training session upon delivery of the equipment. Make arrangements to ensure your schedule or those of your team will be free on that day so they can attend the training. This is a relief. A lot of office equipment are frightfully expensive and a little mistake can derail the entire system so training is necessary to reduce chances of the equipment breaking down.

Step 5: Get funds
The funds are finally released to you or to the manufacturer you chose to rent office equipment in Billings from. You can also follow them on Twitter.