5 Tips to Improve Your Warehouse Racking System

by | May 3, 2023 | Material Handling Equipment Supplier

Racking solutions allow you to more than double the current storage capacity of your warehouse. Organize that space to make full use of the environment and improve your team’s efficiency levels. Here’s what you need to create an organized racking system.

Use Vertical Space

Before you think about buying a new building to expand your operations, consider the vertical storage space in your building. Choose a warehouse racking that can fully use the area so that you can maximize its storage capacity. You can store your inventory up there. If you have plenty of vertical space left, you won’t need to change much in your current layout.

Map Out the Layout

Another way to create space-saving or efficient solutions is to assess how you currently use your warehouse space. That makes it easier for you to see what you’ve got to work with and point out which areas are inefficient. Those areas must go. Adjust the layout until it addresses your storage problems.

Divide Your Inventory

Dividing your inventory into A, B, and C will help you store and access the goods or products faster. Goods under A move quickly, while goods under B are less profitable but still move regularly through the warehouse. Products under C don’t move at all. Those goods cost you a lot. By organizing your inventory, you can have systems to handle and store them properly.

Label Your Shelving Racks

Labels on the inventory aren’t enough. Make it easy for your crew to locate storage spaces by labeling all your warehouse shelving racks. That will help your team be more efficient. Your people will make fewer mistakes with those labels in place.

Maintain Your Warehouse

If you want your team to be efficient, you need to maintain an organized space. Part of that is keeping your materials organized and your shelves in excellent condition. Always inspect your racks for damage and carry out timely repairs.

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