5 Tips and Tricks Before You Go Through that STAR Smog Test

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Business

If this is your first time to go through a STAR Smog Test in Vacaville, here are a few handy tips and tricks to know.

Don’t panic

You get a DMV renewal notice that says “Smog Certification Required at a STAR Station.” Don’t panic, says the Smog Tips. It’s not the end of the world. What this means is you need to get your car inspected at a STAR certified station.

Know the difference

When you scout around for stations, you’ll find test only stations and test and repair stations. It might be better to go for a test only station if you want trustworthy service and accurate results. You won’t have to worry about technicians rigging the tests to make it seem like your car is in dire need of expensive repairs.

How to find one?

Start by checking online for a STAR Smog Test facility in Vacaville. Once those results pop up, start putting together a list. It wouldn’t hurt to ask friends, family and neighbors as well for their tips and input. They could give you handy leads to cut short the time and effort spent on finding the right station.

Is it a safe bet?

With plenty of scammers out there, you’ll need to exercise care and caution when you pick a station for your smog test. Not all facilities were made equal. You’ll want to pick a good station right from the start to avoid any further stress and hassle. One way to tell if it’s a reputable station or not is to check the station’s background and staff. Is it certified?

Is it convenient?

Once you’ve found a trusted station, go over the basics. What are the operating hours? Do those hours work with your schedule? Will you need to make an appointment before they fit you in? Consider these things before you pick a station.

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