A Guide to Spy Recording Equipment

A Guide to Spy Recording Equipment

If you’re in a tricky situation and need some evidence before you make any official or legal accusations, there are many creative and subtle ways to record video and audio that will let you get the information that you need without being too suspicious. Here are some examples of excellent spy voice recorders to consider and some additional features to consider when you’re shopping.


Although you could get a watch that simply records audio, you can also take it one step further and get one that not only records audio, but high quality video with or without night vision. Since you’re taking extreme measures by shopping for spy voice recorders, it’s important that you’re prepared for any situation, especially since the evidence that you need might be just a fleeting moment and you’ll need all the clarity that you can get to capture it. With 1080p video and audio and a voice activation feature, you can subtly enable your watch without losing your sense of subtlety.

Identification Card

If you normally wear one or several ID cards, using one as a camera is an easy way to use spy voice recorders but maintain your cover. Since any recorder that is thin like an ID card isn’t going to have the robust features of many other recorders, you need to put extra care into ensuring that you’ll be able to capture video and audio at a rate that is still relatively clear. Older technology may be cheaper, but typically only allowed for 20 FPS. Since you’re probably in a dire situation, invest in newer technology that can capture 30 FPS or more so that your video isn’t fuzzy and ambiguous.


If you’re in a shirt and tie environment, it’s not unusual to have a pen in your shirt pocket. Take advantage of this natural cover to get a video and audio recording pen. It’s important to choose devices that have a voice activation feature, so that you don’t look clumsy and strange as you try to activate the recorder. There’s no point in investing in spy equipment if you lose your cover. Try to get at least 30 FPS and 1.3 megapixels. Without that clarity, your evidence might be meaningless in a court.

Although the list of spy recording devices could go on and include things like sticks of gum and bluetooth earpieces, it’s just important that you think carefully about your environment so that you choose the recorder or recorders that don’t stick out in the least.