The Advantages An Automatic Hand Dryer Provides

As a business owner, you are likely trying to determine how to cut costs while keeping employees and customers happy. In most cases, the optimum choice would be to make those changes without clients and staff realizing that you’re cutting costs. One way to manage this is to consider an automatic hand dryer for every bathroom.

Save Time/Money

The primary reason to consider an automatic hand dryer is to save money and time. You won’t have to purchase a lot of paper towels or the trash bags to hold the soiled ones. Likewise, you won’t have to deal with clean up when people throw them next to the garbage can. It can save your employees time because they won’t have to check the bathrooms as frequently and it will save the customers time, as well.

Help The Environment

Another reason to consider dryers is that they are better for the environment. Instead of cutting down all those trees to make paper towels, you will use a little electricity instead. Likewise, you won’t have to worry about all the waste created from paper towels. You can also advertise yourself as a green company because you’re doing more to help Earth. Many consumers prefer to go to companies who actively help the environment.

More Appealing Look

In most cases, an automatic hand dryer is more aesthetically appealing to customers and everyone else. They would much prefer to see dryers on the wall rather than over-filled trash cans with paper towels.

No Touching The Machine

Customers usually prefer an automatic hand dryer in the bathroom because it means that they don’t have to worry about other people touching their towels. They also aren’t required to press a button to turn on the machine, which means less touching of dirty or germy surfaces.