Advantages of Structured Children’s Bible Lessons at an Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Detroit

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Catholic Church

Parents might wonder whether it’s important to bring their youngsters to an Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Detroit for Children’s Bible Lessons or whether they could simply teach them Bible stories at home. There are sound reasons for kids to participate in structured lessons at a church.

The structure itself is beneficial, which is one reason the vast majority of parents still choose to send their children to school full-time instead of creating a homeschool environment. After a few Children’s Bible Lessons at Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Detroit, the youngsters know what to expect when they arrive. They know that they have a little time for socializing before the class begins. They know they must sit still and be quiet for a certain amount of time as the teacher presents the day’s lesson. If the class includes time for art or other creative pursuits, that follows the lesson. There likely will be time for prayer and devotions afterward.

Although some of the instructors are relatively new to teaching, others have years of experience. That skill and talent for teaching that has been honed over time are advantageous for imparting knowledge to young minds. Children ask questions and teachers are able to provide them with the answers or direct them to authoritative resources. The teachers also have the expertise to inspire curiosity about various topics, which encourages the child to read the Bible and to study faith-based books at home.

In addition, teachers have supervision by church pastors, and they use curriculum as presented by church teaching materials. These factors ensure parents that their children receive a Bible-based education that is entirely fitting with their particular faith.

Another aspect is the opportunity to build friendships with children of the same religious faith. Especially if a child attends a public school, he or she may not spend a great deal of time with kids whose families are immersed in the Christian lifestyle. A church such as Old St. Mary’s Church has built a family-like community where children, teenagers and adults all come together for fellowship, friendship and emotional support. During Bible lessons, children feel comfortable and valued.

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