All-Terrain Vehicle Riders Use Lighted Whips for Both Safety and Style

by | Apr 25, 2024 | Business

Anyone who has been to a major amateur motorsports rally has likely seen a number of safety flags or light-emitted diode struts attached to every ATV entered into an event, especially if it’s run on an informal off-road course. That’s because it’s very hard to see them otherwise. Once the sun goes down, it becomes extremely difficult to tell one vehicle from another.

Those who ride for their own enjoyment can also invest in lighted whips for ATV usage, which can dramatically enhance their visibility. Some off-road environments might require riders to have this kind of equipment. In situations where it’s optional, a major cross-section of riders will still likely want to have one just in case.

An increasingly large percentage of motorsports enthusiasts are actually electing to install these as a way of expressing themselves. Plenty of different colors are available, which makes it easy to select something that’s unique. Some people prefer to mix and match different styles, which can ensure that their rides look nothing like anyone else’s. Others have elected to color-code their ATVs together, so that they can always see where the rest of their team is. Professionals and those who are trying to get a sponsor may want to pick out certain colors to match their assigned scheme. Tradition dictates that each team has a certain livery, which may even say something about the kind of equipment they like to use.

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