Amazing Tips for Using Your Spotting Scope

Spotting scopes are essentially small telescopes that are used for daytime viewing and mobility. While many outdoor lovers use binoculars, a Bushnell spotting scope will provide a higher level of magnification and better clarity. Because of that, people who hunt, bird watch, surveil, and view landscape are increasingly choosing a spotting scope for the best results. If you’re new to scopes, we have some tips that will help you out, no matter what your outdoor activity of choice is.

Angled vs Straight Scopes

Both angled scopes and straight scopes have their place, but which you use will depend on what you are doing. For instance, a straight scope is ideal if you are high up and looking down on the landscape. It also works well for passengers in a vehicle who want to enjoy the wildlife along the way. The angled scope, on the other hand, is best for sharing between multiple people. The scope can be lowered or raised to give them the best view.

Use a Support

Any Bushnell spotting scope has powerful magnification, but keeping the scope still is important to avoid blurriness. There are a few things to know when choosing support. Adjustable legs are useful since you can get a great level view even on rough terrain. In addition, having a pan head means you can scan the area more smoothly.

Preparing to Use Your Scope

When you get your first spotting scope, it may come with a stay-on cover. If that is the case, make sure to pull down, remove, and unzip the components that cover up the eyepiece, objective lens, and focus controls. You also want to remove any caps that are on the scope.

Tips for Finding Targets

When you are looking for a target with a Bushnell spotting scope, that you want to do is start at the lowest possible magnification level. This is going to give the most substantial field of view. After you have done this, you can increase the power range which will decrease the field of view as you need it to.

These tips will get you started working with spotting scopes, including the high-quality Bushnell spotting scope. If you want to learn more about spotting scopes, the experts at A&W Outlets have made it easy. All you need to do is visit