Ask These Questions When Looking for an Electrician in Bethlehem, PA

by | May 20, 2021 | Electrician

Planning a major electrical renovation in your home is a good way to increase its value. This means you will get more money for it if you put it on the market in the future. While you are living in the home, you also reap rewards that come from having the project done. Here are a few tips to help you find a good electrician near Bethlehem, PA.

The most important thing you should find out when looking for an electrician near Bethlehem, PA, is if the electrician is licensed. The electrician should be licensed in your state. Working with an unlicensed electrician means they have not met state inspection requirements.

You also want to find out if the job you are having done requires a permit. For small jobs, permits and inspections are usually not required. This would include things like updating the lighting fixtures or replacing outlets. However, large jobs usually require a visit from a state inspector and a permit. These larger jobs would include whole-house rewiring, panel change-outs, and standby generator installation. These are some of the major jobs that would likely increase the value of your home.

Before hiring the electrician, find out who will be in charge of any associated repairs. Electrical wiring is hidden in the ceilings and behind walls. Find out if they will need to cut access holes and how repairs will be done.

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