Beaches inside Oman

The coastline of Oman will stretch for a length of 3,165 km, which includes beaches that overlook the Arabian Sea, Sea of Oman, and Straits of Hormuz within the North. The nature of the coastal strip will vary from sandy beaches that are tourist friendly in which summer holiday visitors hang out, and the bays, rocky coasts, lagoons and islands with their geographical, diverse make-up, which makes them perfect for marine excursions and fishing. The top beaches include:

Al Bustan Beach

Situated inside Governorate of Muscat, the Al Bustan Palace Hotel spreads over this beach while overlooking the mountains which intertwine with Al Bustan Palace’s beaches and sands. The mountains will lend the beach a sense of privacy that is unsurpassed.

Dhofar Beaches

Dhofar Governorate can be characterized by rich and attractive beaches. There will include an abundance of lagoons that are crowded with flamingos, and caves that have winding entrances. The Governorate’s top beaches include Raysut, Al Maghsayl, Al Hafah, and Wilayat Taqah shores, Sha and Mirbat, noted for purity of their sands and beauty of their scenic nature and surrounding rocks. There are numerous lagoons, like Al Baleed, Sawli, Atheeb, Ad Dahareez, and Salalah, in which it’s possible to witness large amounts of flamingos. As for the of water skiing and diving lovers, they’re able to rest assured that the governorate’s shores are amongst the best within the Sultanate. You easily can access the shores via well paved streets and additional services.

Mutrah Corniche

It’s close to one of the most critical Oman ports, the Port Sultan Qaboos inside the core of Muscat, the capital. It’ll overlook gorgeous, rocky, mountainous formations and includes one of the most beautiful sites inside the Governorate of Muscat, perfect for admiring ancient buildings, watching the sea, and picnics.

AlQurm Beach

The beach lies inside AlQurm Area within Muscat’s heart and will extend over a massive space. Numerous massive hotel chains are constructed next to it, like Hotel Crowne Plaza and Muscat InterContinental. The beach is thought to be amongst the busiest inside Muscat because of its location close to restaurants and shopping centers. Walking enthusiasts may enjoy the boardwalk alongside the beach then rest upon the various umbrellas and chairs dotting the beach.

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