Beautify Your Home or Business in Texas with Expansion Joint Repair

The beauty of your home and its presentation to all who pass by or visit is greatly enhanced by using concrete expansion joints in your driveway and sidewalks. It’s never too late or too difficult to install as a DIYer or professionally.

Replace Those Wood-filled Expansion Joints

Wood expansion joints rot and may require numerous caulking repairs over the years. Replacing them with this product offers the following advantages of being:

  • Durable
  • Removable
  • Easily installed
  • Esthetic
  • Weed resistant
  • Available in colors

This joint expansion application is easy, fast, impressive, and will easily cover electrical wires crossing a driveway or sidewalk.

For the DIYer
If you like doing repairs and jobs around the house, there’s nothing easier than installing this expansion joint material in three steps:

1. Press the strip into position
2. Prune to fit
3. Press it flat

Click on the link below for information about how to remove the old, wood joints, including hints and safety suggestions.
Not a DIYer?

If you would prefer not doing it yourself, you can contact an installer from the link below to take care of the entire job for you.

By replacing the wood that was used to form up your driveway and sidewalks with a flexible rubber-like material that fits and holds firmly in the gap, weed growth is eliminated. Your driveway and walks will look fantastic and be a breeze to keep clean.
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