You Can Rely on Galvanized Steel

by | Dec 12, 2018 | Metals

There are many reasons why galvanized steel sheets in Milwaukee, Wisconsin area are such an attractive material to contractors and building professionals. The two most amazing aspect to galvanized steel is the protection and strength that it provides. This is the result of its manufacturing process.

What Does Galvanization Mean?

Simply put galvanization is where a protective zinc coating is applied to a metal like steel or iron. What this offers is a prevention against rust and corrosion. Zinc’s rate of corrosion is very slow so it offers a better protection to the metal that is underneath it for a much longer period of time. While there are other methods to protect the metals like organic coatings, they do not provide anywhere near the protective properties of a galvanized zinc process.

What Are the Advantages of Galvanization?

  • Costs far less than stainless steel
  • Requires less maintenance and costs less in the long run
  • Much longer life expectancy
  • The zinc coating is stronger for longer
  • Highly resistant to mechanical damage
  • Even if small areas of the under metal are exposed it is still protected
  • No other method of protecting metal comes close to galvanization

Work with a Supplier That Knows

When you are looking for a supplier for your galvanized steel needs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin it is important to find one that knows exactly what their clients needs for their success. For over 75 years Quality Metals has been offering their clients only the finest materials to use in their projects. They know that in order for their customers to do their jobs efficiently they need access to a large stock of materials that are readily available to be delivered and implemented at their site. Contact Quality Metals today and talk to them about having your metal tailored for your needs.

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