Children and Lawnmower Safety

by | Apr 17, 2019 | Lawn Care

If your children have told you they want to do some lawn mowing in Alpharetta, that’s great; you’re never too young to start showing a little ambition! However, the reality is more than 9,000 children in the United States alone go to the emergency room every year due to lawnmower-related injuries. This means if your kids really want to use the lawnmower and help you out around the house, there are some factors you need to know before you can even think about allowing this to happen. Let’s take a few moments to dive a little deeper into the topic of children and lawnmower safety. You should focus on the essentials so you can be more informed and prepared.

Assess Their Maturity

If your children are interested in lawn mowing in Alpharetta, it’s important they have already shown you they are mature enough to operate this kind of machinery. Otherwise, they could easily get hurt.

Lawn Mowing in Alpharetta is an Age Appropriate Task

Although these are no laws, per se, the American Academy of Pediatrics does have some pretty good guidelines to follow. If the mower in question is push operated, the child should be no younger than 12. If it’s a riding mower, they should be 16 years or older before they are allowed to operate it.

If your children do meet the age guidelines that have been set out here, you still need to teach them how to operate the machinery safely. Without proper guidance, there is still a chance they could get hurt.

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