Choosing the right tree service in South Bend IN

by | May 20, 2020 | Tree Services

Tree service is something that apartment dwellers do not have to spend time worrying about, but if you have a single family house surrounded by a big garden with lots of trees, there may be a need for tree service in South Bend IN.

It may be a broken limb that needs removed, perhaps the trees need trimming or there could be a tree that has died and needs removing. As tree service is not something that a homeowner needs frequently so he may not have the name of a responsible contractor at his fingertips. Here are a few tips on how to find the right tree service in South Bend IN.

Be very considerate of the risks:

It may appear a relatively simple job but that is far from the truth, providing tree service is far more dangerous and difficult than what you may think. The people you work with need to be professionals who know the risks and how to mitigate them. When you search the internet for forestry and tree service related accidents you will be amazed and how many there are. The professionals have all the right equipment, they work safely and efficiently.

Make sure of the companies legitimacy:

It does not take much to buy a chainsaw and tell the folks you are a tree service technician. It may be a quick way of making a bit of money but it can prove expensive to the homeowner. A bona-fide company will be licensed and insured, a fly-by-night operator may not and if there is an injury you could be responsible for the bills. If anything happens to your property during the work, the damage will not be covered if there is no insurance.

Safety gear:

The team that provides tree service South Bend IN area is composed of the climber and ground personnel. The ground personnel should have hard hats with face shields and hard toed boots. The climber must have the latest in safety gear. The safety gear for him should consist of the saddle, helmet, safety glasses and steel toe boots. If a the company shows up with a ladder then you know you have the wrong guys, tree service companies do not use ladders, they always use rigging and safety gear. Lowering heavy cut sections of tree limbs requires the best in arborist’s ropes and pulleys. The right safety equipment is mandatory.

Get an estimate and no money down:

Make sure you get a written estimate for the job, do not accept a verbal quote as you have no recourse if the bill is higher. Never give any down-payment; tree removal requires nothing to be purchased so there is no need for advance payment. Pay when the job is complete and to your satisfaction.

Once you have gone through this procedure with two or three companies that provide tree service in South Bend IN you will be in a position to select the best.

If you have a single family house surrounded by a big garden with lots of trees, there may be a need for tree service in South Bend IN. Call the professionals at Above & Beyond Services, Inc for expert service.

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