Common Myths About Online Payroll Software

Common Myths About Online Payroll Software

Unfortunately, common myths around new technology are often posted on the internet as if they were a reality. This misinformation can lead to a business failing to use a new technology, such as online payroll software, and miss out on a great opportunity to make their business more competitive.

The following are three common myths about online payroll software and the reality of using this platform for a business of any size and in any industry.

Online Payroll Software Security

A quality option in an online payroll system is designed with state-of-the-art security. This includes security features such as encryption of data, two-factor authentication, and full audit trails to track users and any attempted access by unauthorized users.

Employee Acceptance

Many people mistakenly believe that apps and browser-based portals are too complicated for employees to accept and use. This is no longer the case, with people comfortable in using apps and online systems to bank, make purchases, and to submit documents and data.

Cost Factors

Initially, there is a cost for any type of payroll software. However, by choosing an online platform, there is no need for individual licensing, saving money, and the cost of installation and maintenance of the system.

Additionally, with online payroll, the updates, security features, and added services are all automatic, eliminating the need for these tasks to be completed by the IT department or the individual staff members. This saves time and money and increases overall system security as everything is kept up to date.