Common Types of GPS Survey Equipment

by | Dec 18, 2017 | Business

GPS surveys have become the preferred way for many surveying companies to obtain the data they need, and that’s because GPS offers so many advantages. It is a very accurate way to get data, and it happens to be faster than the traditional methods by a substantial amount. In addition, working with GPS survey equipment means a reduction in costs, as well as an elimination of errors.

In many cases, the GPS survey equipment will reduce the need for additional surveyors. A single person can do the same job as two or more, often in less time, which improves productivity quite a bit, and that is where some of the cost savings will originate.

You will find many different types of GPS survey equipment available that can work for a range of applications and purposes. The basic types of equipment tend to be the GPS receiver, which will take in the signals from the satellites to then provide the measurements and data needed. In addition, there will be GPS survey software that’s needed to help sort and utilize that data.

Some of the software will work for desktop computers, such as those that you have in the office. Other software is perfect for mobile devices, which can provide the surveyors in the field with all of the information they need very quickly – often in real time. If you have office and field software, check to see if they work with one another.

What Do You Need?

While there are many options available for the equipment needed for these surveying jobs, you will find that your needs might be different from other companies. Therefore, you will have to think about the type and scope of operations you are doing with your business to know just what GPS survey equipment you will need to have the job. Understand your needs, and then you can start to build your equipment from there.

When you are choosing equipment, it is important to make sure it is reliable and durable, and that it will work for your surveying environment, as well. Finally, consider the size of the equipment. Some pieces of equipment are quite large and will be more difficult to get into the field. They might still be needed, but always see if you can find a smaller, portable option for field work. Visit  online for more information!

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