Common Uses of Extra-Long Drill Bits for Fun Household Chores

Common Uses of Extra-Long Drill Bits for Fun Household Chores

Extra-Long Drill Bits Make Projects Easier

Carpenters, woodworkers and handymen rely on their drill for a multitude of projects. Most carry a wide selection of drill bits. If you use your power drill for any reason, you may want to consider adding a few longer drill bits to your collection. These longer drill bits, often referred to as airline bits, come in handy for several reasons.

Guide Holes

Heavy-duty woodworking projects may require longer screws to attach thick pieces of wood. Drilling a guide hole ensures that your screws will go in straight and achieve the depth necessary for a firm connection. If your project requires a long screw, using extra-long drill bits to create pilot holes allows you to ensure that your screw will go in straight and be deep enough to firmly connect two thick pieces of material together.

Drilling Pocket Holes

Pocket holes are guide holes for screws that join two pieces of wood together at an angle. These holes are usually drilled at a 15-degree angle, but the angle may vary based on the application. Pocket holes are commonly used for attaching legs to tables, constructing stairs and other similar projects. A regular-sized drill bit is simply not long enough to perform the job properly every time.

The Efficiency of Longer Drill Bits

While you may only occasionally use your extra-long drill bits, you’ll be glad you have them handy when your standard drill bit falls short by a few inches. Longer bits are often available in all of the commonly used widths, so it’s easy to keep a long drill bit on hand for any project. They can save you the time of having to measure and drill from both ends of material on projects that require a hole to completely penetrate thick pieces of wood and prevent errors that occur from using a drill bit that is simply too short.