Comprehensive Mobile MRI Services Designed for Speed and Patient Comfort

by | May 13, 2024 | Business

Get accurate 3D images on location in as little as 15 minutes when you use state-of-the-art mobile CT services. Computed tomography scanners use X-ray technology to take 2D images of bone, blood vessels, and tissue. The patient’s bed rests inside a gantry as an X-ray tube moves around the body to take multiple images. The computer uses these images to create 3D images showing signs of damage, disease, or infection. These mobile systems are widely used for patients who should not leave their beds or need diagnostics quickly. Images from mobile CT services are often more accurate than regular X-rays and regularly scan up to .4 inches deep.

Work with a mobile MRI services provider who specializes in comprehensive services and prioritizes patient comfort using the latest technology. Some companies help you maximize resources by providing customized site planning, delivery, setup, and imaging preparation. Their equipment may offer a larger scanning bed, skylights for comfort, coil set options, breast imaging technology, and optimal diffusion. Ask your rental company about the specifications of each piece of equipment as well as bore, throughput, and reduction options. Some equipment offers advanced imaging for patients with metal stints, screws, or other artifacts inside their bodies.

MRI machines may allow the patient to stand for the exam and maybe a traditional, open, or wide-bore style. Your rental company may offer specialty MRI equipment designed to scan the brain, the heart, or breast tissue. Your rental team and radiologist can help you choose the design and magnetic strength after assessing your patient’s unique needs.

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