Custom Lighting Can Drastically Change Your Life

Many people think lighting is merely for illumination and aesthetics, but the effects of lighting on people and the benefits they offer go much further than that. Consider how a custom lighting manufacturer can help enable your designs to truly shine.


People’s quality of life largely depends on how they feel, and lighting can affect their mood. Many fixtures can be customized in a way that helps people live in the best environment they can enjoy. If people are consistently stressed out, they need to seek as much peace and relaxation in their living and working environments as possible. Soft, warm and beautiful lighting can help them feel more peaceful and relaxed. On the contrary, brighter lighting evokes excitement and alertness. Thus it is necessary to specify lighting that creates the desired effect for a space’s purpose.


Creativity is impacted by the interior decor and exterior designs of a building. Studies have proven that how spaces are lit plays a role in a person’s success, creativity and problem-solving abilities within that space. This is true whether they’re an accountant, student or construction worker because problem-solving helps people to figure out solutions in their work and daily life. American Illumination can help customize the type of lighting needed to create the right effect on their business.


Lighting impacts health. It can influence how much you eat, how well you sleep and psychosomatic responses. This is why stress affects people so profoundly. You can see stress come out in people’s digestive systems, headaches, aches and pains, and in other ways. Though lighting isn’t a panacea for physical ailments, choosing the best lighting for a given space will help people look and feel better.

If you’ve been thinking about updating your lighting or finding a custom lighting solution manufacturer, you should contact American Illumination, Inc.