Deploying Voice Over Internet Protocol Services Over a Local Area Network

by | Mar 31, 2023 | Telecommunication Services Provider

Information technology managers can deploy VoIP services without any substantial investment in additional hardware. Technicians who find themselves configuring a VoIP phone service in Ontario have remarked how simple it really is. Terminal end points employed by individual users consist of nothing more than standard telephony equipment. With a converter box, it’s theoretically possible to use even pulse-driven rotary handsets because VoIP is such a compatible technology.

Deploying a VoIP phone service in Ontario consists of little more than running a series of registered jack lines directly into a router and then flicking what’s essentially a software switch. Small business managers can then control everything from their voicemail accounts to their own private branch exchanges using nothing more than the pound and star keys on their phones.

Those who have a preexisting PBX and switch over to a VoIP phone service in Ontario are free to interface the two types of infrastructure without having to significantly refactor the design. Once everything has been brought over to a VoIP line, there will usually be less maintenance work to do since these lines essentially use an existing high-speed Internet connection to send out conventional phone calls. Those who have some sort of fiber channel run directly to their premises can take advantage of this infrastructure and enjoy noise-free local calls. Long-distance services provided over a VoIP line are generally unlimited in scope as well, which should prove attractive to business owners who have to provide support to a worldwide audience.

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