Different Services Electrical Companies in Vancouver BC Offer

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Electrician

If you live in Vancouver and require an electrician, you have a variety of options open to you. You can choose an electrician who works alone. You can also choose from a variety of electrical companies. Whatever your decision, the services they offer may be limited or wide-ranging. Overall, an electrical company may provide service for any or all of the three main categories of clients:

1. Residential
2. Commercial
3. Industrial

Residential Electrical Services

Residential electrical services embrace a variety of tasks, including lighting, wiring, rewiring, hot tubs, HVAC and more. They may do remodels, additions or new construction. Residential electricians can specialize in repairs and/or maintenance. They can also provide a wide array of services to address homeowner’s needs.

Commercial Electrical Services

Electrical companies in Vancouver may specialize in providing basic repair and maintenance services to commercial businesses. They may also work with management teams to construct and install new systems. They retrofit lighting and can perform energy audits. Some even work with owners and managers to ensure a retail store or business has the right lighting for special displays or such things as emergency lighting systems.

Industrial Electrical Services

Industrial electricians are professionals capable of maintaining existing systems and installing new ones. They can install remote controls and are experts in ensuring the ongoing efficiency of the equipment.

Electrical Companies: Variety and Diversity

Whether you live in Richmond or Vancouver BC, you can find a company to address your electrical issue. While some may restrict their services to residential repairs and maintenance, others may focus on installing commercial electrical systems or performing industrial electrical work. Whatever they may be, one or more electrical companies have the knowledge, the skill and the experience to handle them. It is simply a matter of undertaking the task of researching the various electrical services providers and weeding the right one out. This may be challenging, but the result is worth the work.

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