Domestically Designed and Made SDR Transceivers from Rolling Meadows, IL

SDR transceivers set up your radio so that software manages the radio functions and tuning. These can be manufactured as a compact and low-power option for many different applications. While many people choose to use an internet connection in conjunction with this type of transceiver, this isn’t required. These transceivers will let you access a range of radio frequencies depending on the hardware setup you choose with or without an internet connection.

Officially named software-defined radio transceivers, SDR transceivers work with a dongle to capture various radio frequencies. These can be a simple USB dongle in some cases, but the software setup can run many thousands of dollars for complex systems. People use these transceivers for all kinds of radio activities. They scan for and listen to monitors, professional EMS/fire response radios, FM signals, broadcast radio, and VHF amateur radio.

The hardware setup you use with your transceiver will have a range of FM signals that can be picked up on it. The software you use will have some of its own limits as well. You will have to assess the whole radio unit to find out what kind of signals you can process.

You can set up your SDR unit on a computer. Many setups will work well on a general-purpose computer. You can also reconfigure other electronics to operate your software-defined radio. There are a few standalone software-defined transceivers that don’t require a computer. There are also a few high-frequency software-defined radio units that will hook up to a computer. Many people love the flexibility of SDR units and find them easier to work with than other types.

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