Electronic Medical Records (EMR) – Advancements in Medicine

Health, Healing and Medical Innovations
The world of medicine is in a constant state of innovation. This is a result of newer technologies and scientific advancements.

One of these innovations is Electronic Medical Records (EMR). The benefits of EMR is highly valued by medical professionals and patients. The benefits of EMR include:
. Accurate, up-to-date patient information
. Timely access to patient data
. Increased effectiveness of medical diagnoses
. Greater patient data security
. Efficient, reliable prescriptions
. Reduction in medical and patient costs

How Electronic Medical Records Improve Healthcare
When medical professionals rely on EMR, they find it improves the overall performance of their administrative duties. For example, when EMR is used in a physician’s office, the time taken to find patient files is cut in half.

It is especially advantageous for patients with long periods of no contact with their doctor. Their patient records are readily available and help their physician relate the current patient condition to that of the last examination.

In hospitals, EMR is a necessity for volumes of patient histories. It links prior records with current medical evaluations. Hospitals rely on E-charts rather than hard copies of patient charts and files, often with illegibly handwritten notes.

Full-Service EMR
The introduction of Integrated Care Pathways as trademarked by AZZLY Transforming Treatment Centers has been a singular full-service advancement in EMR.

AZZLY Transforming Treatment Centers designed Integrated Care Pathways to streamline the most labor-intensive features of patient treatment and administrative documentation.

AZZLY’s innovative Integrated Care Pathways opens the door to turnkey medical care that benefits patients by integrating their hospital, nursing and physician care with other medical services such as physical therapy and mental health.

Medical professionals and treatment centers appreciate the ready availability of EMR for Measurement-based Care. To create a state-of-the-art integrated care pathway, visit https://www.azzly.com/ or to speak with an AZZLY representative, call 888-400-3201.