How To Find Cheap, High-Quality Mattresses

by | Mar 2, 2017 | Mattress Store

The best deals may seem impossible to find, especially when searching for cheap mattresses that are still made with high-quality materials. You don’t want a bed that will fall apart after a year, but you don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for quality, either. Luckily, there are options and ways to find a bed that isn’t so expensive.

The Size You Need

While it may seem strange, the size of bed you choose can affect the price. For example, a twin bed is going to be less expensive than a King. If you need more room because you sleep with a partner or because you want it, consider a Queen instead of a King. You’ll still get plenty of room, and it may fit inside your bedroom more easily, as well.

Lasting Impressions

The goal for most people is to find cheap mattresses that will last for years. While inexpensive options may not be high-quality, you can still find many that are designed to last for 10+ years. Likewise, if you shop at a warehouse or outlet such as Save a Lot Beds, you’ll get name-brand options for up to 70 percent off retail prices.

Your Budget

It’s easy to say that you can’t afford quality, especially when you aren’t sure how much a mattress should cost. Most people underestimate the price of beds, which means they go in already thinking that they can’t afford luxury. Know how much you have to spend on your bed, and learn about pricing. In most cases, you should expect to pay about $100 for a twin and about $400 for a King. Likewise, the options you choose can affect the cost, as well.

For example, if you add a base or add various pillows or bedding that they recommend, it will cost more. Plus, the warranty, build, materials, and more will all affect price.

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