Find Love with the Triangular Theory of Love and a Matchmaker

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Matchmaking

When you’re looking for your soulmate, it’s important to look at what qualities they possess. Online dating is often superficial because you’re going on looks alone. There’s a different approach that you can take. The seven types of love: exploring the Triangular Theory of Love is a chance to take a good look at a potential mate.

Establish Balance

There’s a psychologist from Yale University by the name of Robert Sternberg who is responsible for the Triangular Theory. There are the seven types of love: exploring the Triangular Theory of Love. This means that you must look at intimacy, passion and decision/commitment to establish the balance in a relationship.

When you want to make sure that all three are in place, you can’t rely solely on an online portfolio. It’s why more and more people are turning to an individual matchmaker. They’ll work to get to know you so that you can get the intimacy, the passion and the commitment that you desire.

Find the Right Relationship

Every relationship is different. Using the Triangular Theory of Love, you need to find a partner who can make your triangle geometrically correct. Not all relationships are going to create the same level of balance. Further, it depends on the amount of love. Friendships can create a triangle, but they’re not going to be balanced because they lack passion.

You deserve to have the best relationship possible. As such, you want to feel connected and bonded to your partner while also having the physical attraction. Then, you want to make sure that they are ready to commit to the same level that you desire. This is not always easy to accomplish.

When you want to find love, it’s important to consider how you’re going to build your triangle. Matchmakers can help, ensuring that you’re getting all the necessary components.

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