Four Advantages of Having a Government Smartphone for Free in Michigan

by | Mar 8, 2023 | Broadband Service

The Michigan Legislature has mandated that the State of Michigan shall provide a free smartphone to eligible beneficiaries so they can apply for jobs, access online education, and much more. State surcharges fund the program on cell phones and sponsorships from the wireless industry. This blog post will focus on four benefits of free government smartphone in Michigan.

1. Employment Benefits

A free government smartphone program is an excellent way to support job seekers by enhancing their ability to find employment, keep track of job leads, and contact prospective employers. A free government smartphone also allows individuals to search online for jobs, apply for jobs online, and store résumés on the phone. The phone can also be used as a tool for interviewing and networking.

2. Education Benefits

A free government smartphone gives individuals access to many educational resources. For example, a free government smartphone can search for open educational resources (OER) and access digital textbooks that can be read via an application on the phone.

3. Health Benefits

A free government smartphone provides individuals immediate access to health-related information and resources. The phone can search for local clinics, hospitals, and other health-related services; find the best doctors in an area; learn about sports medicine, fitness, obesity prevention, and treatment; find nutrition information; and much more.

4. Emergency Benefits

A free government smartphone provides individuals immediate access to information in an emergency. For example, the phone can be used to call 911 and check on loved ones at home after a natural disaster or accident.

Free government smartphone in Michigan is a great way to support individuals struggling to make ends meet. The four benefits listed above show how such a program could help individuals live more productive and healthier lives. Contact SafetyNet Wireless today on, and they will help you get started with a free government smartphone program.

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