Four Considerations to Make When Choosing Data Backup in Syosset NY

by | Jun 9, 2016 | Computer Support and Services

Businesses everywhere depend on apps and data like they never have before, and every company’s IT plan should include a strategy for data protection. Even a small amount of downtime can have significant negative effects on sales and productivity. Most businesses know they need to protect data, but because of rapid growth, budget constraints, and outdated technology, the data is not adequately protected. Click here for several considerations businesses should make when evaluating services that provide Data Backup in Syosset NY.


Data backup is great, but it is useless if the backed-up information can be exploited and stolen. Data is very vulnerable when it is stored and moved in between the cloud and the business, and it should be encrypted at all times. The best backup services offer 256-bit encryption end to end, and they allow the business to manage its own encryption keys for privacy reasons.

Versatility and Performance

The service’s performance is critical in reducing the volume of the data to be stored, and in shortening backup windows. With today’s faster internet and technological advances in data compression, providers can back up and restore data with no bandwidth restrictions. For optimized performance and cost, the provider should incrementally back up data, which means that only new and changed files will be included.


Businesses must constantly balance cost and service. The best providers of data backup in Syosset NY offer great service and flexible pricing. Billing is typically based on the amount of information stored, downloaded and uploaded, as well as the type and number of restore and backup requests. Businesses should consider their update and database lookup needs when choosing a service provider.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, and others are focused on the third-party handling of customers’ sensitive data. Cloud service providers can either help or harm a company’s chances of a successful regulatory audit. The chosen provider should have SOC 2 Type II status, which means that it has procedures and controls for processing integrity, privacy and availability. If the provider has this certification, it has proven that it meets current regulatory requirements.

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