Get Your Quality Micro X-ray Products From Us

When your application requires a small area of focus for imaging, we are proud to serve as your microfocus X-ray source. We design, manufacture and support quality products for a variety of imaging needs. Our micro focus products are ideal for applications that require a focal spot of 5 microns. These products have a window made of beryllium, which provides an ideal maximum available flux. The window features a 60 degree angle of view for capturing essential images.

These micro focal tubes function with two available options for power sources. You can integrate the tube with a power supply. The other option is to connect a compatible power supply with a high-voltage cable.

Our imaging products are designed with the highest possible levels of accuracy and precision. We have engineered them to deliver dependable results for a variety of applications. With our equipment, you can capture images of small items that you need to investigate. Some of the uses of these micro focal X-ray tubes include checking the integrity of metals, looking at tiny fragments of bone or shell and exploring minute cracks and possible failures in consumer goods. Our products are also used in archeology, paleontology, chemistry and physics applications.

We back up our products with a guarantee that your images will be clear. The current industry imaging standards often result in poor images. We go above and beyond the bare minimum in order to provide you with outstanding products. Our associates fully support these micro focus X-ray tubes. We offer phone, chat and email support at any time.

When you are searching for a microfocus X-ray source, turn to us at Micro X-Ray Inc. You may also visit us online at to learn more about our products.