Hanging Vines Are a Great Design Touch

Hanging Vines Are a Great Design Touch

Hanging vines can be incorporated into the design of both outdoor and indoor spaces. Most people enjoy being surrounded by greenery but are hesitant to use it in their designs because of the level of maintenance that living vines require.

The Downside

Adding green to your space is a great way to add some “life” to a space but there are some downsides like:

  • Living plants can be fussy about lighting
  • Living plants require regular attention like watering, pruning and more
  • It can be messy to care for living vines
  • They do not always grow in the direction you want them to

Let’s face facts, a living vine can be far more work than reward. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with live plants, which of course means you lose out on your investment. There are plenty of reasons why you do not see more hanging vines incorporated into the design of a space but there is a solution that will let you incorporate this great feature without the headaches.

An Easier Option

Artificial vines are a great solution when you want to add that green feel without the headaches of caring for live plants. They can be used in any space, regardless of the amount of light and they come ready to hang. You do not have to provide any care or maintenance to keep them looking great and if you choose the right source, they will be of high quality and look amazing.

The Best of Both Worlds

You do not have to avoid incorporating plants into your interior or exterior design to avoid the work. You can choose to shop at Evergreen Walls for high quality artificial vines, “living” walls and other plant options. Having a look you love without the work and worry is possible with Evergreen Walls!

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