How a National Provider of Sneeze Guards Helps Food Service Companies

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Business

Nobody is surprised to hear that having a sneeze guard in food service is more important now than ever. Sneeze guards are not just for protection against sneezing and coughing. A more common reason for using a sneeze guard is to protect food from respiratory droplets caused by simply talking. Even the cleanest restaurant or cafeteria will have particles floating in the air. Besides these obvious reasons for sneeze guards, there are other important reasons to consider.

Customer Trust

Having sneeze guards in a business where food is served contributes to customer trust. Even though some customers are more conscientious than others, most people feel more comfortable when there are sneeze guards over food. There’s a good number of people who won’t even consider eating at a restaurant that doesn’t have the proper food protections. The opposite is also true. Customers who care about health and safety are more likely to frequent a restaurant with obvious food safety practices, which includes having sneeze guards.

Risk Management

From a risk management perspective, a sneeze guard in food service is critical. That’s because they can slow down the transmission of certain viruses. Even though a sneeze guard is not considered a medical device, it can still help people stay healthy. It’s classified as protective equipment used for the benefit of customers. Sneeze guards can help companies in the food services arena mitigate and manage risk.

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