How Keeping It Cool at Storage Warehouses Makes a Major Difference for Consumers

by | Sep 2, 2020 | Material Handling Equipment Supplier

When you think of cold storage you probably think of traditional, upright, or walk-in freezers. However, for many of the frozen or refrigerated products you purchase, the initial cold storage phase happens in gigantic warehouse rooms! Here’s how they do it – and what it takes for warehouse operators to keep their cool with hundreds of thousands of products at a time:

Temperature Control – the Key to Cool

Obviously, a typical warehouse room isn’t the ideal environment for refrigerated or frozen goods. However, temperature control can turn one of these rooms into a massive freezer. The rooms where frozen items are stored are kept right around 0 degrees Fahrenheit, while those storing refrigerated or even fresh food and volatile drug items are kept at around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s pretty chilly – and may even require specialized clothing for workers attending to the products inside.

Shelf It

Where do your favorite refrigerated products sit while waiting for distribution across the country? Typically, on industrial storage racks. Can these shelves be used in sub-zero temperatures for long periods? Of course – as long as they’re designed with this purpose in mind.

Pallet rack manufacturers typically create their sturdy, industrial shelving from several different types of materials, each geared toward different storage environments and tasks. If you’re looking for the right racks to keep your refrigerated goods on – or just want to know more about refrigerated storage – check with one of these manufacturers to learn more.

Why Is This So Important?

Why does it matter that these major warehouses are working effectively? Because they store numerous critically important products, from life-saving medication to fresh, nutritious food and beverages. Without these warehouses, our society would go without these products or be severely limited in their availability. Truly, these chilly storage facilities help the entire world keep its cool!

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