How to Find the Best Centella Extract Manufacturers

by | Aug 4, 2021 | Nicotine Supplier

Centella Asiatica is an herb containing potent phytochemicals that have numerous medicinal and therapeutic properties, including anti-aging. Its extract has been widely used in skincare products due to its healing and regenerating abilities. Due to its fame, substandard centella extracts have been sneaking into the global market, making it difficult to find good quality ones.

But fret not, here are some factors to keep in mind in finding the best centella extract manufacturers.

Country of Origin

One of the most important considerations to keep in mind is the country in which the product is made. Aside from economic factors, a country having abundant supply of raw materials has the highest chances of producing good quality products. Centella asiatica is indigenous to India and its neighboring countries across to Southeast Asia, and so it’s from these regions where good quality centella extracts come. In India alone, there are several centella extract manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, and exporters.

Pharmaceutical Grade

A product is said to be of good quality if it meets certain standards established by pharmacopeias such as the US Pharmacopeia, European Pharmacopeia, British Pharmacopeia, and Japanese Pharmacopeia, among many others. These standards attest that the product is approved for use in humans or animals and is therefore safe either for consumption or for topical administration. Centella extracts being USP compliant means it’s made by one of the best centella extract manufacturers.

Centella extracts are proven to have outstanding potential in both food and cosmetic industry, therefore it’s very important to source them only from the best centella extract manufacturers in the world.

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