Importance of Maintaining Heat Pump in Southington CT

by | Jul 13, 2017 | Business

The regular maintenance of a Heat Pump in Southington CT is essential since they function within narrow margins of performance. A slight decline in their performance can result in efficiency and energy losses of up to twenty-five percent.

Functions of a Heat Pump

Heat pumps are used for heating and cooling of the home. They function by facilitating the transference of heat energy from the outdoors to the interior and vice versa. This decrease in performance is usually due to lack of servicing and maintenance. Though there are some maintenance tasks which can be performed using a DIY approach, it is essential that heat pump troubleshooting and maintenance services are carried out by a certified and trained technician.

Maintenance Services

The following are some of the tasks which must be performed by a qualified technician during the maintenance of a heat pump.

Changing or unclogging of the air filter.
Thorough inspection and cleaning of the indoor coil.
All the wiring should be checked for symptoms of overheating.
The controls which alter the pump’s function from cooling to heating should be tested.
Trimming of the shrubs and bushes, and cleaning of the dirt and debris around the outdoor unit.
The level of the system’s refrigerant charge should be verified.
The tension and tension of the pump’s fan belt should be checked and the coil fan lubricated.
The temperature difference and refrigerant pressure of the compressor should be measured.
The indoor thermostat should be checked.

Saves Cost

Heat pump maintenance saves homeowners the cost and inconvenience of repairing the heat pump when it breaks down. Maintenance helps in the detection of minor faults which may lead to larger problems if unattended to. This saves significant cost in the long run.

Prevents Health Issues

It also ensures the continued operation of the heat pump when it is needed. If a heat pump breaks down during the winter months, it can result in very serious consequences. The health of the homeowner’s family can quickly deteriorate if there is no other heat source.

It is recommended that a Heat Pump in Southington CT undergo regular servicing and maintenance to ensure its proper functioning. For more information and to make inquiries on heat pump maintenance services, please visit website name.

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