Important Information on Purchasing Commercial Auto Insurance in Santa Cruz

Although most people find purchasing personal car insurance to be a pain, purchasing Commercial Auto Insurance in Santa Cruz can be even more daunting. A person needs to make sure they are fully covered to meet the requirements of the law, but they also need to make sure they have the full coverage they need so they can avoid paying out exorbitant fees should their vehicles or drivers be held responsible for an accident causing damage. Taking time in the process can allow a person to be sure they are fully covered for their commercial insurance needs.

Commercial car insurance is very similar to personal car insurance, but there are some differences. The main difference in this type of coverage is that it covers a vehicle that is routinely transporting goods or people, which leads to a greater level of liability. To save money on Commercial Auto Insurance in Santa Cruz, there are three steps the owner can take:

     *     Before an owner even attempts to purchase commercial auto insurance, they need to make sure they evaluate each of their drivers. The drivers on a policy can directly affect the final cost of coverage. If the drivers have a poor driving record, it can cause the costs of coverage to skyrocket. It behooves an owner to check the DMV reports on all drivers and to thoroughly check a driver’s record before hiring them.

     *     Discounts can be found if an owner employs drivers who are properly licensed with a commercial driving license. Many insurance carriers will offer discounted rates for companies who only employ drivers with a CDL. When a company is interviewing for their driver’s positions, it behooves them to carefully screen their applicants.

     *     It is also important owners evaluate their fleet before they purchase commercial auto insurance. Generally speaking, the more expensive the vehicle, the more expensive the coverage. It is prudent for owners to also consider the types of vehicles they may need to purchase in the future.

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