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If your quest is for small focal spot xray tubes, glass tubes, or packaged and shielded tubes your search will inevitably bring you to us.

Imaging Applications

Stroke is the third greatest killer and leading cause of disability in the US. The primary therapy for stroke is EIGI — endovascular image-guided interventions — replacing invasive surgical procedures. This method is made possible through low dose x-ray fluoroscopy that provides superior resolution because of the use of our precision tubes.

Why Small Focal Spots

Small focal spots are needed for high image visibility of detail, and the small focal spot is necessary to get high resolution images for EIGIs. When the imaging procedure requires the use of small focal spot xray tubes, as in mammography, you want the most ideally suited tube from the original equipment manufacturer.


Our x-ray tubes are used in the applications of x-ray fluorescence, thickness gauging, and imaging. The x-ray fluorescence — XRF — tube is vital to the fluorescence analyzer and a critical component.Stability is the primary reason when considering thickness gauge manufacturers. We use a proprietary technology to ensure our tubes facilitate reliable, accurate, and fast coating thickness measurements.

When it comes to imaging, “seeing is believing.” When it comes to our x-ray tubes, the quality of the image is self-evident.

To review the applications and featured products, including glass tubes and packaged and shielded tubes designed and manufactured by Micro X-Ray, Inc., visit our website. Also, look for us at the 69th annual Denver X-ray Conference in Washington, DC in August 2020.

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