Keeping Workers Safe From Chemical Vapors

In all sectors that require the use of commercial chemicals and cleaners, there is some minimal amount of risk to the employee using the chemical. We want our Billings, MT customers to understand how they can protect their employees and avoid commercial chemical pitfalls.

Potential Health Issues

Some of the chemicals used in industrial strength cleaners can be irritating to the skin and the eyes. Rashes can occur and in some cases, severe burns can be caused by exposure. Chemicals that are inhaled can pose a risk to the respiratory system.

Things to consider when assessing the risk of commercial chemicals are:

  • What ingredients are in this cleaner?
  • How will this product be used and stored within the business?
  • Is the area where it will be used properly ventilated?
  • Is there a risk of splashing or spilling?
  • Will this cleaning solution be likely to come into contact with an employees skin?
  • Will any vapors be emitted when using this product?

Practice Safety

As a Billings, MT business, you are required to provide a safe working environment for your employees. This includes limiting their exposure to hazardous cleaning chemicals. Proper training is essential in keeping your workforce safe. These safety protocols should be taught to all of your employees:

  • Products containing bleach and products containing ammonia should never be mixed.
  • All cleaners must be diluted according to manufacturer instructions.
  • All chemicals should be stored properly.
  • Protective equipment must be utilized as instructed. This may include gloves or goggles.
  • All of the cleaning products are properly labeled.

To protect your employees, you should attempt to purchase the least hazardous commercial chemicals that can complete the needed task in your Billings, MT business. Our dedicated and knowledgeable sales staff can help you choose the correct cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting products that you need. They will help you choose the lowest level of hazardous chemicals required by your industry. However, these choices will still be able to offer the cleaning and sanitizing power you would expect.

Advanced Chemical Solutions strives to provide commercial chemicals to our customers with the understanding of how to keep each employee safe and without health concerns. We do that by thoroughly explaining the uses of each commercial chemical and the possible hazardous effects. We walk you through the safety protocols so that you can then train your staff with the correct way to use the products.