Learn How to Deal With Concrete Expansion Joints in League City, TX

If you have a sidewalk or driveway, you need to understand the importance of concrete expansion joints. These joints give the concrete space to expand or contract with temperature changes and keep out water. When these joints are missing or damaged, it can wreck havoc on the concrete surface as soils beneath the slabs swell and shrink with moisture content. We will explain what you can do with damaged expansion joints to preserve the beauty and functioning of your concrete.

Cleaning It Out

The first step in repairing the joint is to remove the rotted or damaged material. Wood or fiberboard can often times be removed in large sections. Old caulk and other liquid fillers can be tricky to remove. Professionals will generally use an angle grinder and special blades to handle most of the removal process.

The Prepping Process

When repairing an expansion joint using a liquid sealer, the sides of the joints must be cleaned down to bare concrete, backer rod should be first installed to limit the amount of material needed, and the weather must also be considered. When repairing with flexible seals, which are rubber-like strips of material, no such preparation is needed. Flexible seals like Trim-A-Slab do not require a perfectly clean joint, and can be installed in hot or cold conditions, rain or shine. The simplicity and ease of use makes flexible seals the preferred choice.

The Last Step

The final stage of expansion filler repair when using Trim-A-Slab simply involves applying hand or foot pressure, and then cutting it to proper length with pruning shears. The surface underneath will then be protected from the elements. It will also assist in resisting water during the rainy season.

A Necessary Process

Working on expansion joints can be a tedious process, but it is a necessary one. The health of the concrete slabs depends on these areas. Trim-a-Slab makes this very simple and quick for homeowner to install and maintain.

For more information about our expansion joints, reach out to Trim-A-Slab.